ABI Board Master 4000 bm4000 with PS/2 KEYBOARD

ABI BoardMaster 4000 bm4000

ABI Electronics Board Master 4000 Diagnostic System


abi boardmaster 4000

I made a ps/2 keyboard converter to abi boardmaster 4000

uses a standard ps/2 keyboard into my converter and it plugs into the abi no external power required

since the orginal keyboard is no longer made and i could not fine one

abi keyboard orginal part #

Cherry Label :

17122 C49




abi boardmaster 4000 ps/2 keyboard converter bm4000

my converter can   emulate custom keys also

added a back space and enter key for programming mode

and hot keys like run and load on 1 keystroke

works great with Gary's abi loader program to send files to the abi with out typing them all in

like the pal dump program for extracting a information out of a pal chip

see marcos arcade for his great work on this pad dump